Cynthia Attar

Empathic Animal Communicator  & Healer

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Author of 4 great books!

I'm Cynthia Attar, Empathic Animal Communicator and Healer from Selah, Washington. 

Everyone wants to know what their animal companion is thinking, but cannot express. 

I do not read animals in the typical way. As an empath, I have the ability to step into the mind of the animal and speak for them. It's so cool to actually hear what your beloved friend wants to say. This unique experience has been through years of experimentation and insights. Maybe there are behavioral issues or maybe physical issues, but you will be surprised when you allow me to step into the mind of your pet and speak for him/her in a two way type of communication. That means you ask him/her your questions and your pet answers! I also tap into the soul of animals that have passed or traveled across the Rainbow Bridge to bring messages from the other side. A reading with me is quite the unusual and can be a life-changing experience!

Animal healings may be needed as well, which, as the animal, I can unleash the emotion surrounding ailments to finally allow it to heal for good. A reading/healing with me can be a life changing experience!

COLD LASERS. I have discovered an awesome device, a cold laser,  that reduces inflammation, aids faster physical healing, increases circulation better than any other device known. It is for both humans and animals. With cold lasers I give free 10 minute demonstrations on people, so they can really feel the difference 10 minutes can make. This device is great with humans AND animals. I invite you to do your research on cold lasers through your favorite search engine. There are several types and prices on the web and it can be very confusing, but I'll help you sort it out. I ship lasers throughout the US. Check out the Cold Laser page.

BOOKS. I also have books on animal communication, healing, mules, and tapping into that higher self. Check out details at my books page. 

See the world through a different lens.

We offer insightful empathic animal readings and healings, US and worldwide. Prices are low and range from $25USD to $40USD for multiple animal sessions, either alive or even those who have crossed over. We have a Facebook group where you may be able to get a free reading with your pet by others who are learning this skill.


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About the hats I wear

Books by Cynthia Attar

The Book page shows four of my books I have poured my heart out in words. These are my most prized accomplishments.

Cold Laser Sales

An exceptional and surprising 10 minutes with a cold laser can improve your physical and therefore your mental state. It is one of those things that you don't believe until you try it. However, the cold laser is not for all conditions.

Animal Healings

Many conditions hold tight due to past trauma. With unique mind-altering techniques combined with communication, I can dig deep and help them unleash the emotion to allow for real healing.