How and What to Submit for an Animal Reading

Just look into those beautiful eyes of Parry, my canine companion who has passed. (Yes, I read passed over the rainbow bridge pets also.) When you send me a picture of your pet, please allow me to see both eyes so I can get right to him/her. Refrain from sending pictures with other animals/people in them, as that can be confusing as to whom I am reading. Give me a starting point by asking a question that interests you. Some readers don't want any information, but I do things differently. My intent is to solve problems. And to do so, as an empath, I step into the animal mind in the surroundings or situation that is the problem and see/feel/hear what s/he is experiencing, and then verbalize it. It is also helpful to have the basics of who they are and with whom they live.

BASICS: Please supply basic background information, such as passed or alive, how long you have had the pet; how old is s/he; how many other pets in the household; how many people in the household; what the issue is, and anything else you think is helpful for me to step in and speak for them. This allows me more focused time on getting to information YOU really want but can't get any other way. If I don't have this information, I'll be spending my time and your money giving you information you already know, rather than solving problems. I also enjoy doing readings by typing a chat with the owner. Chats allows me to focus and I can get immediate feedback to make sure I am on track. Video, telephone and email are alternative reading methods, video being the most common. All are priced the same, no matter what the media.


A deep emotional healing is a separate cost. All healings start out as readings. Many times healings occur simply by allowing the animal to speak out through a reading (at no extra charge). However, deeper healing may be needed after a reading, and when I believe I can be helpful to overcome a problem. Healings usually are off-chat. What I do is climb in bed, tap into the animal, Put myself into the emotional state, and start expressing any and all emotion surrounding the issue (hitting pillows, crying, expressing fear, sadness, whatever is in the animal) until the emotion is flat and gone. (This "Bedroom Tantrum" is described more fully in my book, Profound Self-Healing.) Once the emotion is purged fully, the physical ailment doesn't have anything to hold on to and real healing can then happen. 

Reading /Healing Prices: 

$25 USD (£19)=A quickie of answering 1 question and 1 followup question of 1 animal.
$40 USD (£31)=30 minutes of asking any amount of questions, for one or multiple animals. This is the most common and most thorough reading option. NOTE: If I go over 30 minutes, then lucky you--no extra charge.

$50 (£38)=Separate healing cost after a 30 minute reading, if needed. 
$80 USD (£62)=Both reading and healing session when you know you want a 30 minute reading and also a healing. If your animal has disruptive emotions to purge, this is the cheaper option.

Email address for sending attachments and paying via PayPal is below. If you are unfamiliar with PayPal, I can also send a quick and easy PayPal invoice for you to pay with your credit card.